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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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backpack and the man continues to argue. >> put it down now. >> eventually put in handcuffs but not arrested. riders who heard what happened were surprised. >> there are bigger things to worry about and i see a lot of people eating on b.a.r.t. that don't get approached by cops. >> other things happen on b.a.r.t. than someone eating food. i mean, there's people that get into it or, you know, way worse things. >> reporter: for an agency trying to address fair legalization and cleanliness, why this? the man was cited for eating which is a violation of state law. >> obviously a disagreement, not necessarily because he was eating because he was arguing with the police. they shouldn't have bothered him in the first place. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. said in a statement no matter how you feel about the man eating on b.a.r.t., the officer saw someone and asked him to stop and when he didn't a citation was given. they say the man was refusing to provide his name which is why it
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lasted so long. >> it seems like such a minor infraction. >> whether he's eating a sandwich or whether he was eating a steak dinner, it says you can't do it. the rules are the rules. >> reporter: now we did try to reach out to several b.a.r.t. directors. one got back to us by text and said he echoed the sentiments of another saying it's hard to imagine that in his words a white man in a business suit with a breakfast sandwich would have been treated the same way. meanwhile, they're saying their independent police officer is reviewing that. >> thank you. thousands of stolen cell story. they unraveled a stolen phone pipeline based in the east bay. tonight we're learning they have new leads. in an exclusive interview a shop in heyward was driving the burglar ri epidemic.
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detectives traced some of those phones overseas. as we reported last night, the police raided the store last month. now as they sift through a mountain of evidence, the operation was bigger than they thought and they're planning new operations as we speak. >> jessica geary is back with her exclusive story and a look at the under cover video that helped crack this place. >> today marks a somber anniversary, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire. the camp fire leveled the town of paradise. more than 18,000 homes, businesses and others simply gone. today paradise is rebuilding but it's one nail at a time. new homes and new businesses are popping up, that's the good news, and more families are moving back in. let's go into paradise. it looks like a big gathering behind you, melissa.
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>> absolutely, raj. some are here. we're at the paradise alliance church where hundreds of people are taking part in a community meal. the folks are thankful, they are grateful and here to celebrate their resilient town. >> paradise is still here. >> one year ago the campfire turned the town into a place. 85,000 people killed, 14,000 homes burned to the ground. don't let the november weather fool you. it feels like springtime in paradise where signs of rebirth are on everycorn. >> this is the rock wall. >> that rock wall is all that is left standing fparadise. this was the view he woke up to every morning. in a sprawling home. today the view is still there, bean is waking up in an rv.
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>> i didn't mind that. i want to get back to that. the motivation is stay here, not go anywhere else. >> before the campfire, more than 26,000 people lived in paradise. now the town's homes being built. 500 more are on the way. hundreds packed downtown paradise today to honor the 85 lives lost and celebrate the resurrection. >> reporter: not everyone who used to live in paradise is willing to come back. next at , you'll hear from a family who lost their home in a fire and say it's too dangerous to come back. >> melissa, that is understandable. with all of this, we mentioned
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85 people died. that's nearly triple the number of the second deadliest fire which happened in southern california back in 1933. more than 18,000 structures burned, most of them homes, and for some context there, the second most destructive fire in santa rosa, the 18,000 to 5,000. this shows the 153 acres. right in the middle of your map all the way east to big bend and to the western side. >> raj, the road to will be some time. there are homes and businesses popping up there but most of the town has bn rebuilt. many more empty lots. here's another perspective of how much it changed. last year from the fire we pulled this from google ort.
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on the right drone video right after the fire. now a year later here's what it looks like today. the debris cleared and no rebuilding that. pine grove mobile heart project. on the right right afterwards. nearly all of the 80 -- a lot of empty lots but we also counted 20 new homes right here in this new pine grove neighborhoods. we have more coming up and we are there when the woman sed h story is coming up in 10 minutes. >> the battle for district attorney is still too close to call. just got an update.
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the latest number has overtaken. boudin leads by 156 votes. we expect the next update tomorrow afternoon. a lot of reaction to our exclusive interview with the principal. the teacher who wore black face in class made it known the district is investigating and many are calling on him to be fired. robert honda had that interview yesterday and talked to the naacp. robert. >> in what way, it's difficult to see that he had been flooded with calls. how will it impact the teacher's
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future and the city's image? >> i feel that i have opened up something that i didn't want to open up. >> reporter: teacher david carter made the plea. the 48-year-old engineering structure said he was paying tribute to a rapper. he said he's sorry and hope it can be a teaching moment and not the end of his career. >> how i can be more sensitive culturally to what is appropriate and what is inappropriate? >> the president of the naacp said he was unmoved. >> an apology is a start. in this particular instance the apology is not accepted. >> reporter: the mayor met with the district.
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he said he preferred making the inches doesn't an educational lesson rather than simply firing the teacher. >> they knew there was a resolution that would satisfy everybody? >> i do. i have a great faust and it will be different from other places around the country. so far no word from the school district. live in melpidas, nbc bay news. >> if you want to watch that exclusive interview we've posted it online at the search near the centers. the thieves took whatever they could like spare change, credit cards, sunglasses. they're urging them to install security cameras. no one has been arrested yet.
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>> sears and k. martd are now closing stores in the way area. a new company, transformed company, bought the stores and kept them open. today it said it's closing 96 stores by next year. four in the bay area. you can see them here, the sears in san bruno in san jose. k-mart in petaluma. still to come, more stories of survival from paradise. the harrow iing experience. >> did you get a strange text message in the middle of the night? you're not alone. the mystery that are showing up months after they were sent. i'm chief meteorologist, foggy skies lately. i'll have an update on the
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forecast and where dense fog could form. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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want to getbutte. a 62-year-old stroke victim attempting to roll herself to safety. >> the video was captured on the
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firefighter's dash cam. >> tonight that woman is reunited with the firefighter that saved her life. let's bring in jody hernandez in paradise. >> reporter: thousands of people have unbelievable stories of how they narrowly escaped the fire. we talked to one woman who had a chance this week to meet and thank her rescuers. >> i thought i was going to die. i really did. pictures, a one of the most 61-year-old woman with her poodle on her lap. she managed to get out of her house and onto the street hoping to reach the nearby hospital. >> i had to make it down the street and then when i got on the road, it was bad. >> knowing what she came out of, just the heat and the smoke conditions would have done
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anybody else in. >> scott mcqueen was driving through that same neighborhood dodging the flames and smoke himself looking for those who needed help when he spotted her. >> i was in the right place at the right time. >> rescuer and rescued reunited. if not for her firefighter angel she likely wouldn't have made it. her husband was at work and had no way to help her. >> i was talking to my wife on the phone. everything is burning all around her. i was very concerned. i didn'thi i would ever see her again. >> helen is grateful. mcqueen said that november day changed him as well. >> it definitely opened your eyes to life from here on in. >> thank you very much. and i truly love him.
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truly do. >> bye-bye. >> are. >> reporter: in paradise, jodi hernandez, nbc bay news. >> these two among the many that stuck with us. >> we're going to get fire. >> no, we're going to get out of there. >> you heard joe allen talking to his daughter olivia that he was going to get out of there as they dodged the fire on the way out. >> and then this clip of video from a body kampf a fead he wass away from dieing. his car broke down so he had to get out and walk throuames. firefighters that were driving by eventually rescued him. our coverage continues
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online. we've put together a gallery and what those same photos -- you can find those and much more. a big breakthrough on vaping-related injuries and deaths. the cdc said vitamin as is he tatd is the possible culture. it has the cigar in them. vitamin e. at the table sounded good. it does not cause harm when swallow swallowed. the bay area cell phone users. more than 100,000 people got a random text, a text that was sent months litch cau text messo
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be released just today. some people got happy valentines day. >> the company in charge of sending texts. >> 170,000 of text messages. sent them over the last couple of days. >> it's one of those areas where the whole industry collaborates. this is one of those times. >> it has solved the problem. >> that vol lun tynes stuff, you have that today? >> what a sweetie. sticky outside. as you said last night, too, jeff, we were going to i'm guessing maybe the fog will stick around through the weekend. tomorrow morning we'll see patchy, dense areas of fog. i want you to be on the lookout for that. we do have the smoke particles
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as well. let's get you ready for the weekend. right off with the air quality. we want you to have these. tomorrow it from us? >> the apparent smell from the smoke, it's not that strong. the pattern definitely has been complicated that's been 3ushing into the smoke. i wanted to show you just off shore. circulation around this has brought in the smaek. always thought a little area, a little fresher. mixing together, creating those smoggy conditions. tomorrow we're going to get that back. i also want to alert you with the fog that we have. we could see some of these
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ground areas of fog forming. those can be dangerous. you're driving, it's okay. you come upon some defense attorney. >> i'm not with the bay. dense ground fog. hold on to this through about 9:00 in the morning and one thing into the afternoon. we will see that come back out. >> so besides the fact that we have fall coming our way tomorrow morning, we can return them. 46 for the east bay. san francisco andn on your saturday forecast, ma quinn know is standing there.
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back near the bay. for the peninsula, 56 here at half moon bay. 70 in redwood city. going to san francisco might start to feel like the holiday. going to be the chilliest spot. 50s and 60s. if you are looking for something to do, maybe it's the ice skating ring. it did officially. >> kind of starting to see like you do. 76 in napa valley. no problem as you head back and forth inland valley, notice as we hit next week we likely could see the cloud cover increase. no rainfall with the pattern trying to change up here once we hit next thursday and friday. got over to the fog. >> we can get over to it?
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>> absolutely. >> up next here at r5:00, one in three people in san francisco say they want to leave.
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they're likely as homeowners to be plagury says the number of people wanting to leave has held relatively steady since 2005.
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we have plecht plenty of tech conferences in the bay area. this one stands out. it's growing in size. 10,000 tech employees are gathering in oakland for afro tech. this is the event's fourth year. >> got 10,000 black techies from all over the world here to celebrate themselves, share their information and power and knowledge about working in the tech industry, how to get into tech, how to raise venture fund funding and how to get a job. >> sometimes oakland is overlooked by the tech community. up next, the historic white house. a multi-million dollar face lift. we have the pictures we'll show you. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in poin savings on your wireless bill.
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tonight at 6:00, are prices actually coming down? the new numbers for bay area homes not quite affordable but relatively speaking a little bit cheaper. that story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. a grand reopening of the point reyes light house. this is the first time they've been able to go into the light house. they finished a major makeover called the most extensive improvement of the light house since it was built in 1870.
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some are surprised it's survived this long. >> i think it's interesting that it's been preserved for this long and still be functioning. >> in the before and after photo you can see the difference. so much more vibrant. they replaced the roof, repaired rusted pieces, added a fresh coat of paint. on the 1st it will turn 149 years old. >> that looks beautiful. the technology, they play a vital role when they are operating and working. you have to be aware of where things are. sometimes computers aren't good enough. >> we have fog every morning lately. >> i'm super jazzed up about it. >> i can feel your energy. >> tomorrow morning, areas of dense fog for the inland areas and the coastal fog by the afternoon. looking for something to do, walnut creek on ice. >> holiday season is here. lester holt is next with
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"nightly news." >> we'll see you at 6:00. bye. breaking news tonight, the major breakthrough in the deadly vaping epidemic the cdc identifying the ingredient that may be causing the mystery illness that killed 39 people and sickened 2,000 others. and new word on the crackdown coming from the trump administration also tonight, will it be a bolton bombshell? president trump's former national security advisor could be ready to spill details about ukraine that have yet to be revealed his lawyer says. the stunning claims from an anonymous author said to be a senior administration official. the disturbing video, the deputy grabbing a middle school student's head violently yanking it back. >> oh!


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